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Kaitlyn Dirkschneider

Kaitlyn is our main instructor. 

Kaitlyn  has vast experience riding, training, and showing her horses.  She rides English and Western covering a wide range of disciplines including Western Flat Classes, Reining, Gymkhana, Roping, English Flat Classes, Jumping, and Cross Country Jumping.  

Kaitlyn has had many successful show experiences.  She was extremely successful in her 4H career, earning many state champion buckles on her self trained horses in English, Western, Jumping, and Roping.  She continued to improve and her career has been highlighted by reserve champion in the last Arizona Mustang makeover and earning the National Champion in Versatility Ranch Horse.  

Kaitlyn holds an Equestrian Science degree from the University of Arizona, as well as "C2" certifications in both English and Western through the United States Pony Club.   Her horse ownership and care along with Pony Club Horse Management teachings give her a good base of equine knowledge.  Her accomplishments have been achieved through training of her own horses and she is ready to pass that experience along to a new generation of riders.

Cortaro Crossings is a unique facility where the young students are allowed the freedom to be kids.  In addition to riding, and general free play that is so important, you will frequently see students helping with age appropriate chores such as filling waters, cleaning pens, and feeding.  Adults enjoy Kaitlyn's instruction as well!  

Kaitlyn has a unique skill with youth that allows  then the freedom to explore and learn, yet she expects and receives their respect.  

Manuela Propfe

Although Manuela has shown up to the Prix St. George Level in dressage, her main interest is Eventing, and she has been competing at the Advanced level since 1995, including Rolex!     She specializes in teaching combined training – dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country.

Manuela comes to Cortaro Equestrian to share her instruction for those at the higher levels.  

Lesson Horses:

Zeke:  What can I say about Zeke.  Zeke is where it all started.  Zeke was Kaitlyn's first horse to train and show successfully.  Zeke is unflappable.  He has provided confidence and taken many riders from their start to upper levels throughout the years.  At 23, he is still going!  Not quite a strong as in years past, but still a huge part of our program.  Zeke excels in English and Western flat classes.   

Pedro:  Pedro was our eventer.  Pedro has allowed many riders to learn and gain confidence jumping.  He is another that has been loved by many.  He used to excel in eventing, and is also capable of most any lesson need.  He is currently on leave of absence where we hope he recovers from a fracture in his hock.  At 23, we expect his jumping career to have ended, but are hoping he heals and returns to our lesson program for younger riders.  



Sage:  Sage is one of our younger horses at 8 years old  Kaitlyn started Sage at 2.  Sage has a mellow personality and performs well.  Sage excels in English, Western, and Ranch classes including Reining. 



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